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Evil Way To Amplify Attraction With Women

emember the time when you text a girl you really, really like but for some strange reason, she seems to be really, really slow at texting you back? So you waited, and waited, and waited, until you finally got a text 4 hours later and you’re like “oh my god, she finally text me back…

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How To Get Women To Chase You

emember watching a TV show that got you really, really into it and right when it got to the really, really interesting part, these mind-numbing words popped up on the screen: “TO BE CONTINUED…” and left you in suspense? Even worse… now you have to wait a week before the next episode comes out (this…

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How To Woo A Woman

ost men are pansies when it comes to wooing the ladies! They will agree to anything that comes out of a girl’s mouth (especially on the initial interaction). If a girl think polka is awesome, the guy will immediately agree and say “You like polka? Oh my god, I like polka!” If she think Mozart’s…

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