For those of you that keeps trash talking about canned openers, lines, routines, etc. Here’s something you should consider and start testing…

If you take 10 pickup lines, openers, conversation starters (or whatever you call them these days) and test them out consistently… I GUARANTEE you that one of those lines will do better than all the others.

If you take 10 text messages and consistently test them out, I GUARANTEE you that one of those text messages will get more replies than all the others.

First Draft Sucks!!!

How many times have you written something (such as an essay or article) and had to go back and keep reediting it until its good enough?

I’m sure we’ve all done it before. Our first drafts are never good and most of the time it doesn’t even make sense. This is why I recommend you to take what you’ve said in your last interaction with women, reedit it to make it better and use it again on your next interaction with women.

Constant And Never-Ending Improvement (C.A.N.I.)

If you look at technologies, they are constantly improving it. For example, the iPhone went from iPhone 1 to iPhone 2, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s and now an iPhone 5. They did not build a new phone from scratch every year. They simply took a phone that people already like, and continue to improve it, to make it better.
That’s exactly what I did… I took a canned opener that has worked pretty well for me and I consistently try to improve it.

Here’s an opener I’ve used in the past that worked pretty well for me:

“You are adorable… Can I take you home, put you in a picture frame and hang you up my wall so I’ll have something beautiful to look at?”

Although it worked pretty well for me, there are times when it sort of creep women out and get them to say no. Here are some of the responses I’ve got from what I can remember:

  • Haha funny but umm… no you can’t take me home and do that.
  • Haha funny but kinda of creepy

  • Haha thanks but no

I wasn’t getting the response I wanted so I change like 5 words. Now it goes something like this (changes are in bold):

“You are adorable… I would love to take you home, put you in a picture frame and place you up my wall so I’ll have something beautiful to look at.”

I’ve changed the words “Can I” to the words “I would love to”. This changes it from a question to a statement. I’ve also changed the word “hang” to the word “place”.
Here are the responses I’ve gotten after changing just 5 words:

  • Haha thanks!
  • Haha cute.
  • Haha You’re so funny

  • Aww… thanks