I see guys complaining about this all the time:

  • “I’ve sent girls so many messages but I rarely get any replies from them.”

  • “Girls are so stuck up, they never reply to my messages.”

Guys are always blaming the girl, saying it’s the girl’s fault because they didn’t reply. Well, I hate to break it to you but it’s not entirely women’s fault, it’s guy’s fault as well.

Although there are many reasons why girls don’t respond, the main reason why most women don’t respond is simply because the messages you’ve sent, failed to spark their emotions.

Messages that rarely spark women’s emotions are…

  • Hey beautiful, what’s your name?
  • Hey, cutie wanna talk?
  • Hey, can I get to know you?

  • Hey, can I get your number?

Guys will usually wonder what was wrong with their messages when girls don’t reply, especially since they don’t see anything wrong or offensive about what they’ve said. Well the truth is, there is nothing wrong with these kinds of messages, but the problem is… it failed to spark women’s emotions.

Not only that but, it’s also the same messages every other guys are sending them. Therefore, your messages don’t stand out.

But some guys get frustrated over this and start sending girls hate messages:

  • You’re so stuck up! Don’t think you’re all that just because you think you’re hot.
  • You stuck up hoe, choke on a dick.

  • Stop being so picky, how would you know if I’m the right guy for you or not if you don’t even reply? You girls are so stupid.

Next thing they know, girls starts replying to them LOL. This is why you’ll usually hear guys say something like this:

“Girls don’t reply at all when you send them nice friendly messages but when you call them stuck up or stupid for not replying, you get hundreds of replies.”

So why do girls reply to these kinds of messages? It’s simply because hate messages sparks emotions. Unfortunately though, it’s sparking the wrong set of emotion (anger). Therefore, you are not going to get anywhere with her.

With that said, the key to getting women to respond is to not only spark her emotions but you have to spark the right set of emotions as well. Send messages that will interest them, intrigue them or make them laugh.

I usually spark women’s emotions with intrigue and humor. Getting women intrigue and laughing is probably the best way to get them to respond. Here’s a message I’ve used that has gotten a pretty good response rate:

Me: You look like a herd on your profile pic, I love it!
Her: *out of curiosity, she replies with* what’s a herd?
Me: herd = hot nerd
Her: hahaha funny
Me: and your eyes, there’s something about your eyes…
Her: What about them?
Me: Very seductive! Do you know the 3 things they say about women with seductive eyes?
Her: Seductive? Haha, that’s a first. But what are the 3 things?

As you can see, if you want women to respond and continue responding, you have to spark and continue sparking their emotions. And make sure you’re not giving them the same conversation every other guy is giving her. The type of conversation most guys give women goes something like this:

“Hey, how are you? What do you do? Where you from? Are you single? How’s your day? How old are you? How’s the weather there? Etc.”

And of course, there are no conversation starters, pickup lines, or techniques that will spark every woman’s emotions and gets them to respond but at least send her something that has a chance to spark her emotions.

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