“Nice guys finish last!” That’s the quote everyone seems to be saying nowadays. It also seems to be the advice everyone’s giving to guys who failed with women… telling them to stop being a nice guy and become a jerk instead.

So I’ve decided to test it out to see if it’s really true or not… I went out for one month trying to pick up women with a nice guy persona. Then I went out for another month trying to pick up women with a jerk persona.

And the results were quite surprising…

The jerk persona failed almost every single time! The average time I’ve interacted with women was about five minutes. Then women simply told me I was a jerk and walked off. Some women didn’t even bother talking to me at all.

Now as for the nice guy persona… it actually did okay. Girls were more willing to talk to me. Although some interactions bored the crap out of women and went nowhere, I did managed to get a few numbers and a couple of dates.

So do nice guys really finish last?

Well at that point, I was like “whoever said nice guys finish last obviously didn’t know what they were talking about.”

But then I thought about it and asked myself “so why is it that everyone seems to agree that nice guys finish last? Am I missing something here?”

So I’ve decided to do another test… this time I’ve decided to pick up women with a mixture of both nice guy and jerk persona.

…and the results were simply amazing!!!

I’ve gotten more numbers, dates and more relationships than when I was just being a complete jerk or a complete nice guy.

What They Didn’t Tell You About Jerks

The jerks (that get women) are NOT always a jerk. They have some nice guy in them as well. In other words, they’re probably a jerk about 50% of the time.

If you think about it… a guy only has to be a jerk about 20% of the time and most people would consider him a jerk (maybe this is why they say nice guys finish last).

But the bottom-line is this: Always be a jerk and women may simply ignore you and stop talking to you. Always be a nice guy and women may start to see you as a friend only.

But when you learn to balance it out and have a mixture of both nice guy and jerk, women tend to find you more interesting and will more likely date you.

So with what you’ve learned so far… when approaching women for the very first time… it’s best to start off with the nice guy persona. Then, gradually mix in the jerk persona as she continues to talk to you. Doing this will spice up your interactions with women and get you better results.

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