Most guys I’ve seen have the lamest game ever. They would go on and on about how faithful they are, how much money they make, how well they’ll treat the girl if she becomes their girlfriend, etc.

They do their best to convince the girl of how awesome they are. Unfortunately, that approach almost never works. It almost never works because it puts you in a weak position and it puts women in a position of power.

Worst of all, trying to convince women of how great you are and why they should date you will make you look desperate. Desperate, needy guys are a huge turn off for women.

Here are a few scenarios I’ve seen from guys (things you shouldn’t say to any women):

Him: Date me and I will make you laugh, make you happy, and give you the best time of your life.
Her: No I’m good.
Him: Doesn’t everyone deserve a chance? Who knows, you might like me if you get to know me. If you don’t, you can always leave me.

I’ve also seen guys trying to convince girls with their wealth:

Him: I have a nice car, a 5 bedroom house, and make $100,000 a year as an accountant.
Her: Are you trying to lure me in a relationship with you by talking about your wealth?
Him: What’s wrong? Don’t you want a guy who can provide you with a good life?
Her: I don’t really care how much you make, how big your house is, or how many fancy cars you own. Money don’t buy happiness.

Truth is, most girls do care if you’re successful or not but if you’re going to brag about it and try to use it to lure them into a relationship with you, they’re going to pretend they don’t care. Nobody likes a bragger.

I’ve also seen guys that try to convince women they’re different from other guys:

Him: I’m not like all the other guys… I’m nice, honest, faithful, trustworthy, and I will never hurt you.
Her: That’s what every guy says.
Him: …………..

I’m sure you get the point by now… stop trying to convince women. Stop trying to brag to them about how great you are, how wealthy you are, or how well you will treat her. That approach almost never works. In fact, most girls find braggers absolutely annoying.

So what should you do instead?

Demonstrate it!

If you’re a funny guy, make her laugh. If you know how to make her happy and put a smile on her face, then do it. If you can give her the best time of her life, prove it. Don’t just talk about it.

If you have nice cars, a big house, and have a high paying job, let women find out on their own. Do not brag about it. Women will find you much more attractive if they find out these things on their own.

Another thing you should do is get women to convince you to date them. Get them to tell you how great they are, how much money they make, how faithful or trustworthy they are, etc. Doing this positions you as the prize she’s trying to win over.

And if you think about it, trying to convince women to date you is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort, and you will usually end up failing. However, getting women to convince you of how great they are is much simpler and you’re much more likely to get the girl.

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Tobi Yang