Remember the time when you text a girl you really, really like but for some strange reason, she seems to be really, really slow at texting you back? So you waited, and waited, and waited, until you finally got a text 4 hours later and you’re like “oh my god, she finally text me back …YEPPIE!!!” only to see that the text was from… your mom.

All of a sudden, you started hating on your mom for texting you and making you think it was that sexy hot girl you’ve been trying to woo.

But remember how happy you were when she finally text you back 10 hours later? Such a great feeling wasn’t it? Yep, it was such a great feeling even though you had a gut feeling she was ignoring you the whole time (and leaving you as her last option) while she was trying so hard to get that jerk to text her back.

Crazy I know, but this is how women works…

They usually ignore the guy that hits her up every day, texts her good morning and good night, tries to talk and flirt with her throughout the day, and doing his best to give her his full attention.

And they usually chase after the guy that doesn’t hit her up every day, never even bothers to text her good morning or good night, doesn’t talk or flirt with her much, and doesn’t even give her his full attention.

Now why is this?

Well, this is all due to the principle of scarcity. When you become too available, women tend to value you less. When you become less available (scarce) women tend to value you more.

Now I’m usually not a quick learner but when I first heard about this scarcity principle, it made total sense to me, like… instantly!!! (Probably due to the fact that I’ve been ignored by so many ignorant girls in the past and it drove me lustfully crazy over them.)

So I thought I give this scarcity principle a shot.

I made myself scarce by purposely ignoring all her calls and texts for two whole days. Honestly, I was planning to go a week without responding but being the pansy I was back then, I gave in after reading this text from her:

“I don’t know why you’re not picking up my calls or replying to my texts but if I did something wrong, I am sorry. But please call or text me back, I miss you!”

How could you not reply or call her back after reading that? Especially when she’s done nothing wrong and you were just purposely ignoring her.

In fact, the first time I’ve used this scarcity tactic, I felt horrible! I felt bad!!! I felt like I should toss myself in the nearest pit of acid for being such an ignorant asshole.

But this scarcity tactic worked so cruelly well and so addicting (due to all the love and attention she’s suddenly giving me), I find myself using it again the following month, and the month after that, and the month after that. Heck, I’m still using it to this very day!

In fact, I’m ignoring a girl right now as I’m writing this. Seems like once you’ve become an ignorant asshole, you never go back. So you can safely predict I’ll be using this in the future as well.

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