Get short and to the point dating tips on how to attract and seduce women.

Here are just a few samples of my tweets:

  • Never tell a girl you’re different from all the other guys, she will never believe you.
  • You can’t go from “hello” to “smokin hot sex” with a woman, without some intermediate degree of touching.
  • Guys that get put in the friend-zone are guys that are always having “friendly” conversations with the girls.
  • Me: Hey, wanna fuck? Her: Fuck off!!! #OneOfMyFailedPickupLines
  • How to tell if she’s ready to kiss you. Step 1: Kiss her. Step 2: If she doesn’t slap you, kiss her again! it’s safe now.
  • It’s not entirely women’s fault that they’ve put you in the friend zone, it’s mainly your fault.

  • Women are hornier between ages 27 – 45. So approach women in these age range if you want an easy lay.

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