If you’re a heterosexual man, you’ve probably done at least a million things in the past purely intended to woo the ladies.

The level of effort ranges from merely remembering to put on some cologne, to combing your hair, or to simply train yourself to become a world-class male stripper. Whatever it is that you’ve done… the effort is there.

Unfortunately, most of the things you do to attract the ladies are actually getting you nowhere.

Consider the following…

1. Friendly Conversations

After seven shots of vodka, you’ve finally grew the balls to approach the girl you’ve been leering creepily at all night.

You hit it off by giving her a super nice compliment about her looks. Then you’ve managed to smoothly transit into a friendly conversation… talking to her about school, work, family …you’ve even managed to talk about the boring weather with her.

This is going great! The two of you are hitting it off nicely.

However, towards the end of the night, she only saw you as just a friend.

What The Hell Happened?

Now there’s nothing wrong with having friendly conversations with women but the problem is, it usually leads to friendly relationships.

Friendly Conversation = Friendly Relationship (aka friend-zone)

Makes sense right?

Yes, it does.

So if you want to avoid the friend-zone, it is highly recommended that you learn to transit from a friendly conversation to a sexual conversation.

Sexual Conversation = Sexual Relationship.

Hey, that also makes sense.

2. Leaving the Interaction After It Fizzles Out

You’re having such a great conversation with her so you continued to talk to her because, you know… only an idiot would leave a conversation when it’s going great, right?

So you continue to talk to her until the conversation fizzles out. Then you end the interaction and went home that night thinking to yourself, “what a great conversation I had with her.”

Next day when you call (and text) to ask her out on a date, you get no replies and no answer.

What The Hell Happen?

You had such a great conversation with her last night. So what could you have possibly done wrong?

The problem was that you talked to her for far too long. You talked to her to the point where she had enough of you already (or to the point where she got bored of you).

Far too many guys make the mistake of leaving the interaction when it gets really, really boring.

If you end the interaction when it gets boring, she’ll actually think of you as a boring person. The last impression she has of you counts (probably more than the first impression).

In fact, if you leave when it gets boring, she’ll actually thank you for ending it (well, not literally thank you for it but she’ll be thankful).

On the other hand, if you end the interaction when she’s laughing and having fun, you’ll leave her wanting more. You’ll make her feel like she didn’t get enough of you yet. This will make her more willing to go on a date with you later on.

So if you want to get more dates with women, learn to end the interaction when it’s going great. You’ll leave her wanting more …and wanting to see you again.

3. Always Being Available

What more can a woman want from you… you’re always there when she needs help, you’re always there when she needs someone to talk to, and you’re always there when she needs a shoulder to cry on.

However, you’ve realized that there’s a jerk who’s not always there for her and doesn’t even care about her, but somehow he’s getting all the action while you’re doing all the hard work.

What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Well, if you’re always available to a woman when she needs you, then she already has your attention. Therefore, there is nothing else she needs to do to get your attention (and she knows that).

However, she does not have the jerk’s full attention yet. Knowing this, she will try harder to attract his attention (even if it means sleeping with him).

I’m sure you do not want this to happen (and let those jerks get all the women), so do not always be available to her. This will give her the impression that she has to work hard to attract your attention.

In other words, being a busy man can help you get in her pants!