How Does A Short, Unattractive Pimple Face Who Can’t Even Dance, Still Consistently Get Into A Girl’s Pants Almost Every Night He Goes Out To The Club?

(The answer will shock and amaze you…)

If you’re sick and tired of being single and going to bed alone every night then this will be the most exciting letter you’ve ever read…

Here’s why: I’m going to hand you a proven step-by-step seduction system that you can easily use to attract more beautiful women into your life than you ever dreamed possible. And you can do it without good looks, fat bank accounts, being famous and without wasting hundreds of dollars on dates that gets you nowhere.

This is the exact seduction system I’ve stumbled upon and used to get more girls than all the rich and handsome-looking guys.

And the thing is, I have an unattractive pimple face, wears a big thick glass that makes me look like a total nerd, short (only 5’4 soaking wet) and I’m twenty-three pounds overweight.

Just by looking at my physical appearance, you would wonder…

“How The Heck Is This Short, Pathetic-Looking Guy Gonna Pick Up Women?”

In fact, I once was a shy little guy who was absolutely clueless about how to pick up women. Spent most of my early years just staring and drooling over hot women as they walk by me.

That was one of my first problems.

I would see so many attractive women that I really like to meet but just didn’t have the balls to approach them (nor did I know what to say to initiate interactions with them).

Once I overcame that problem, a horrifying problem popped up… rejections!!!

Just when I finally grew the balls to initiate interactions with women, I was getting rejected left and right, up and down and around the corner. Women would simply ignored me or tell me to get lost!

And once I’ve learned how to vanquish rejections, another stinkin’ problem popped up… awkward silences. My interactions would quickly end in awkward silences and women would quickly make an excuse to leave.

Then, after I finally discovered how to conquer awkward silences, my next problem was having my interactions with women go NOWHERE.

I would talk to women for 10 to 30 minutes (sometimes even an hour) thinking I was having a great conversation with them but it never lead to any sex, dates or even a phone number.

The list of problems I’ve faced while trying to pick up women goes on and on and on… Problems just keep popping up one after the other and it was very frustrating.

So How Did I Overcome All These Challenges?

I overcame them by keeping a record of all the past failures and successes I’ve had with women, and analyzing each of my approaches. Sadly, the number of successes I had with women was not much and the number of failures I’ve had were countless.

So I took the few lucky times where I actually succeeded and started analyzing them. Started thinking to myself “what the heck did I do that caused those girls to like me?”

After doing numerous mind-numbing analyses of the few successes I’ve had for six long days, something finally “clicked” and I started to see a pattern. I started to see what I did that caused those girls to like me.

This got me pretty excited, so I immediately went out the next night and started using what I’ve discovered from my mind-numbing analyses. I used it on the first girl I approached, nothing. Used it on the second girl I approached, nothing again. Just when I was about to lose hope, I decided to use it one more time and approached another girl. Next thing I know, she started laughing and flirting with me …and ended up giving me her number.

I went home that night thinking to myself, “WOW IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!”

But sadly, that was as far as I got with her because I still didn’t fully understand what the hell I was doing yet. But I knew I was on to something.

So I continue to use what I’ve discovered on a constant basis. Week by week, I started to get better and better. I actually started to get more girls to flirt with me, started to get more make outs, more phone numbers and amazingly, I started to get more sex.

I eventually got to the point where I can walk into any venue I like, pick the girl I desire, and get her “wet and horny” and ready to go home with me the same night. It was such an amazing feeling to have.

But once I’ve gotten to that point, I also made a realization that pissed me off. I realized that all the past failures I’ve had with women was NOT my fault! Now pay close attention because if you’re not having the success you want with women right now, then I want to tell you something…


I’m sure you’ve heard people say that you need to have good looks to get women, you need to be rich, you need to shower women with gifts, take them out to fancy dancy restaurants, or just be yourself and you’ll get women.

Well, you know what? Ignore those people. They’re only telling you what they “THINK” is the right thing to do. And just because they “think” it’s the right thing to do, does not mean it’s going to work.

I mean I used to believe these people, thinking to myself that since I don’t have good looks I will never be able to get with any of the beautiful women out there. So I settled most of my early years with the ugly girls (and even then, I got dumped by them).

I thought I had to be rich. Although I was never rich, I made it seem like I was rich by showering women with expensive gifts and taking them out to 5 star restaurants. But it was a complete waste of money because all I ever got from women was “thank you”, “you’re so sweet”, “you’re so nice” and nothing more.

I’ve also followed the advice of “just be yourself” and you will get women. If only, it was that easy. I mean just think about it, if all we had to do was just be ourselves then we would all be getting lay like rock-stars already. But that’s not the case, and it’s not that easy.

As a matter of fact, it has gotten me nowhere with women because I happened to have the type of traits that turns off women. The bottom-line is this: if you’re not having the success you want with women then you need to “improve” yourself.

The Core Secret To Getting In Her Pants…

Now… if it’s alright with you, I would like to reveal to you what I’ve discovered during the numerous mind-numbing analyses I’ve done. What I’ve discovered is very important when it comes to successfully picking up women.

You see, after analyzing hundreds of approaches I’ve done in the past, I’ve noticed something very important, and that “something” happens to be the most important “ability” you need to have in order to be successful with women.

Without this ability, none of your approaches will be successful.

What is it?

It’s the ability to SPARK HER EMOTIONS!!!

Let me tell you something… you will NOT get anywhere with a woman if you are not able to spark her emotions.

If you’ve had interactions with women that gotten nowhere, then this is the problem… you failed to spark her emotions. Go ahead and think back to all the interactions you’ve had with women that gotten nowhere, you’ll find this to be true.

And if you’ve ever wonder what type of guy women really want, it’s simply this: women want guys who can spark their emotions.

Well, not just any emotions, women want guys who can spark the right emotions at the right time.

You see, you have to spark a certain set of emotions in the right sequence. But the good news is…

You Only Have To Spark 3 Core Emotions In Order To Get In Her Pants

Here are the three core emotion you need to spark…

  1. Attraction

    A woman will not care who you are, will not want to continue interacting with you, flirt with you, or give you her number if she does not feel attraction towards you. So attraction is the first and most important emotion you need to spark in the interaction.

    Once you’re able to spark attraction, women will find you interesting and will want to know more about you. Therefore, willing to continue the interaction with you (giving you the opportunity to win her over and get in her pants).

    The second emotion in the sequence you need to spark is…

  2. Connection

    Once you’ve sparked attraction, women will be more open to connecting with you. This will be your opportunity to spark deep levels of connections with her.

    The connection emotion is also known as the chemistry or love emotion. Get a woman to feel deeply connected to you and she will feel like you are the one for her (her soul mate) and her love towards you will start to grow. Simply put, sparking a connection with a woman will “AMPLIFY” her attraction towards you.

    The last emotion you have to spark is…

  3. Sexual Arousal

    Women either consciously or subconsciously have to see you as someone they’re willing to have sex with, before they’ll agree to go home with you, go on a date with you or consider you as boyfriend material.

    This is also one of the main reasons why most guys end up in the friend-zone. It’s because they failed to sexually arouse the women. The friend zone (for most guys) is simply the NO SEX ZONE!!!

    So if you cannot not turn women on or get them sexually arouse, chances are good that they will only see you as just a friend or worse… they may never want to see you again.

With that said… I don’t care how old you are, how ugly you think you are, or how broke you are… as long as you’re able spark all 3 of these core emotions within a woman, she will be all yours.

These are literally the 3 core emotions every single woman has to experience with you before they’ll even consider dating or sleeping with you. These are also the 3 core emotions I focus on sparking every time I’m out picking up women.

But the truth is, I never plan on teaching this kind of stuff to guys. That is until, the guys (from the club) began noticing my outrageous success with women and started befriending me and asking for advice. Then, their friends started asking me for advice.

Next thing I know, I was getting friend requests and messages from guys on Facebook asking for advice (I have no idea how they found me). Nor did I know how to handle all this attention. But now, it seems like everyone wants to know the exact step-by-step system I’ve used to get in women’s pants.

So I’ll be happy to share my system but I want to be up front with you…

  1. I do not want every guy in the world to know about this. Just think about it, if everyone and their brothers started using the same material, it wouldn’t be as powerful. So this site will not be up forever and will be taken down at anytime without notice.
  2. I’m not really in the business of teaching this kind of stuff, so please bear with me. And if anything becomes unclear, just let me know because I am not a dating “guru” (nor am I a professional writer).

    I’ve never been on T.V., you won’t read about me in magazines, nor will you hear about me on the radio. I’m just a regular guy from California who loves women.

And it has taken me a while to figure out how to teach my system without spending a lot of time and effort with one-on-one coaching.

So I’ve finally decided to go the easy route and just upload my simple seduction system online. This way, you can gain instant access to it and start using it immediately. I call this system the “Get In Her Pants” seduction system.

There will be no fluff, filler or theories in this system. It’s 100% how-to-do-it. After completing the course, you will know exactly what to do, how to do it and why.

It contains 4 simple steps…

Step One: Initiation

I will show you how to successfully initiate interactions with women. If you are not able to successfully initiate interactions with women, you will not be able to spark the 3 core emotions I’ve mentioned .

So in the initiation phase, you’ll learn:

  • The best tactic I’ve used to grab a woman’s full and undivided attention. You will not be able to initiate an interaction with women unless you have their full attention.

    In fact, if you failed to get her full and undivided attention, she will just simply ignore you.

  • You’ll learn the most effective tactic I’ve ever used to get women to start talking to me the moment I approach them… with little to no rejection at all. This tactic is so effective, not only will they give you their full and undivided attention… but women will be hanging on to your every word.
  • You’ll also learn the initiation tactic I’ve used that allows me to get sexual with women fast! You want to get in her pants fast? Then this is the way to do it. This tactic also helps me stay out of the friend zone.

  • Create instant attraction on the approach. This is the strategy I’ve used on the approach that gets women laughing almost every time.

Step Two: Attraction

In this section, I’ll show you my secret attraction formulas that can craft you into one of the most interesting, witty and funny conversationalist that everyone women wants to meet and be around.

Now there are many ways to spark attraction, but the two easiest and most effective ways I’ve ever used to attract women are humor and intrigue.

Get girls intrigue and laughing, and they will see you as a fun interesting guy, and will never want you to leave. Heck, they will chase you like there’s no tomorrow if you try to leave the interaction.

Not only that but humor and intrigue are at the top of the list when it comes to attracting women.

So in this section, you’ll learn my top secret formulas to getting women highly intrigue and laughing their pants down…

  • You’ll finally learn how humor really works. Once you learn this, you’ll kick yourself for not figuring this out yourself due to its simplicity.
  • Discover my super cool “Tease & Intrigue Attraction Formula” that gets women laughing and putting their hands all over me while at the same time, being highly intrigue. It’s also one of the top secrets I’ve used to get women to chase me.
  • Learn the “Opposition Tactic” I’ve used to get all the attention from women while all the other clueless guys stand at their lonely corner trying to look cute and having no idea why women are talking to me instead of them.
  • My simple “Exaggeration” technique that consistently gets women laughing while all the other guys are trying so hard just to put in their pathetic two cents.
  • A weird but simple formula I’ve used that gets women laughing and flirting with me while at the same time, allowing me to touch them without any resistance.
  • The amazingly simple “Aggrandize Technique” I’ve used to make women laugh on demand. This is the easiest technique I’ve ever used to spark attraction.

  • Discover the “Misinterpret & Exaggeration Attraction Formula” that gets women to laugh non-stop and spark huge amount of attraction. This technique actually gotten women buying me drinks because they’ve enjoyed interacting with me so much.

Step Three: Connection

In this section, you’ll learn the simple step-by-step system I’ve used to spark deep levels of connections with women.

Want women to fall madly in love with you? See you as the one they’ve been searching for all their life?

Then you have to be able to spark deep levels of connection with them. And you’ll want to pay close attention to this section of the course because you’ll be learning the exact step-by-step process every women goes through whenever they fall in love with a guy.

You’ll also learn my psychological secret weapon that can “EASILY” and almost “EFFORTLESSLY” get women to fall in love with you.

This is simply the easiest, most powerful and most effective way to create deep levels of connection with women!

I’ve tested this technique against 7 other powerful connection techniques, and this technique has proven over and over again to create huge amount of chemistry with women. While all the other connection techniques gets vary and non-consistent results.

Step Four: Seduction

And finally, this is the section where I reveal the exact seduction system I’ve used to get women sexually arouse (it’s also the same system I’ve successfully used to get same night lays).

Want to know how to really turn a woman on? Want to turn her on so much that she’ll want to rip your clothes off and give you the most satisfying sex of your life?

You’re in luck then buddy, because in the seduction section you’re going to learn my 7 proven easy-to-apply sexual arousal strategies that gets women craving for sex.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Stealth Arousal – I love using this technique when interacting with women because women think it’s hilarious, and they usually laugh their butts off while at the same time getting sexually arouse.

    In this section, I’ll show you how to effectively use my stealth arousal techniques in a normal conversation that will get her panties soaking wet.

    You’ll also master the art of turning a conversation sexual whenever you want.

  • Sexual Rejection Destroyer – if a woman tries to reject your sexual advances, just simply use my sexual rejection destroyer and get her to be the one who makes the sexual advances.
  • Sexual Compeller – There’s no need to try so hard to seduce women when you learn my sexual compeller technique. This technique compels women to seduce you. I’ve literally had women trying to seduce me all night after applying this technique. It’s also very easy to apply and works like magic.
  • Sexual Comfort – a stealth technology you can easily use to melt away women’s psychological defenses so women will feel comfortable having sex with you. A must use if you want to get in her pants the same night you met her.
  • Sexual Invitation – if you want to start getting into more women’s pants then just simply start using my sexual invitation. I don’t care how good your game is or how good looking you are, if you don’t apply this one secret, you may never be able to get in her pants.

  • Sexual Tension Sparkler – This is by far, one of the best ways to spark sexual tension. I’ve used this to spark so much sexual tension within a woman that the only way for her to release it, was to have sex with me.

This is the simplest, most effective seduction system I’ve ever stumbled upon. And for a limited time only, you can access the entire system for just $47. That’s only a fraction of what most guys spend before they’re finally able to get in her pants. Not only that but you can easily waste hundreds of dollars on a single girl and never even get a chance to get in her pants.

I know I’ve done this before. Heck, I’ve actually done this on 4 girls already (in the past) spending hundreds of dollars on dates, gas, gifts, dinners and I never even got close to getting in her bra.

But with this system, you can easily get in her pants without spending a dime. Like I said above, all you have to do is spark 3 core emotions. And the “Get In Her Pants” seduction system will show you how to easily do that.

You’ll Also Get A 60-Day One-On-One Personal Support From Me

I want to make absolutely sure you get all the help you need.

So, if you claim your copy of “Get In Her Pants” today, I will also give you my private email address… where… you can ask me for help, if you ever have any questions about using the “Get In Her Pants” system.

Most of my customers manage to get the girl of their dreams or managed to date multiple women just following the simple steps in “Get In Her Pants”. So the vast majority of my customers do NOT need any personal support.

However, I realized there may be a few people who might have a harder time getting into women’s pants. So, if you ever run into any problems using “Get In Her Pants” system, just send me an email and…

I Will Personally Answer Each Of Your Questions By Email!

Why am I going through so much trouble?

Because I used to be in your shoes and I know what it’s like to try all kinds of stuff that doesn’t work. And I hated it when the “fat cat” companies sell us stuff that don’t work, take our money, and leave us high and dry.

So I want to make sure that you’re NEVER left hanging when you use my system.

There’s just one catch… I only have so many hours every day and because of this, my time is limited. This means I can only guarantee you’ll get personal support from me if you secure your copy of “Get In Her Pants” right now!

I also reserve the right to remove this bonus at any time. So if you come back, and this bonus is gone, there’s nothing I can do.

Get In Her Pants Or Get Your Money Back!

guaranteesealYou’ll get a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee if for some strange reason my system doesn’t get you in her pants!

Here’s how it works: Get your hands on my “Get In Her Pants” seduction system today… learn it, apply it, go through your own 60-Day “trial run”.

If you don’t at least get into one girl’s pants after implementing it for 30 days… Simply fire me an email and I’ll see to it that you receive a prompt, 100% refund …and we’ll still be friends.

Simply put, if you are not “wow’ed” by my seduction system and all that it has done for you and your life, then I don’t want your money.


In fact, you can keep everything as my gift to you, to show my appreciation for you taking the time to test everything out.

Fair enough?

I’m pretty confident that you’ll be thrilled with the “Get In Her Pants” seduction system …and you’ll be overjoyed by how good it feels to go to bed every night with a beautiful woman in your arms. You’ll be overjoyed by how awesome it feels to have a beautiful woman by your side where ever you go. So click on the order button below and get instant access…

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Plus, everything is completely confidential. Your personal information will never be revealed to any outside parties. So click on the order button now and order with confidence.

Wishing you lots of success with women,

Tobi Yang

P.S. I almost forgot… if you order right now, you’ll also get 2 free bonuses:

Bonus #1: Get Pass Her Rejections!

Everyone gets rejected if they approach and interact with women on a constant basis! And anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying to your face or has not approach enough women.

In this free report, I reveal 4 simple strategies you can use to get pass her objections. It’s the same strategies I’ve used to get women instantly laughing after they’ve object my escalation. Heck, after learning these strategies, you may never be afraid of rejections again. You’ll actually love it when a woman tries to reject you (well, at least that’s how it is for me ;-)).

Bonus #2: Get Her Number!

In this special free bonus, you’ll learn two of my very best techniques to getting women’s phone numbers. I’m talking about fool proof tactics that RARELY ever fail. Best of all… you’ll learn a secret technique that not only gets you her number but gets you a date with her as well.

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