Guys always tell me that girls keep putting them in the friend zone. But I always tell them this:

“It’s not entirely women’s fault that they’ve put you in the friend zone, it’s mainly your fault.”

If you keep getting put in the friend zone then you should try answering these questions:

Which frame are you in when interacting with women? Are you in the friendly frame? The chasing frame? The stranger frame? Or the creepy frame?

Most guys are usually in the friendly frame when interacting with women, then wonders why women always put them in the friend zone. If you want to stay out of the friend zone then you have to stay out of the friendly frame.

You need to stop having “nice guy conversations” with women.

Now there’s nothing wrong with the friendly frame. The problem (with most guys) is that they tend to stay in this frame throughout the entire interaction with women. Doing this will most likely put you in the friend zone.

The truth of the matter is, girls do not put guys in the friend zone, guys put themselves in the friend zone by demonstrating to women that they can be a good friend to have around.

In my “Get In Her Pants” seduction system, I teach you a “psychological jutsu” that naturally puts you in the sex zone with women.

But you may be asking… “how do I know if I’m in the friendly frame or not?” Glad you asked, here’s an example of the friendly frame:

Girl: I love Starbucks. They have the best drinks.
Guy: Yes, they sure do. I got myself a Tazo Chai Tea Latte this morning.
Girl: I got myself a Caramel Frappuccino.
Guy: That sounds good, I might try it next time.
Girl: Yeah, you should. Which Starbucks do you usually go to?
Guy: I go to the one on 5th Street.
Girl: Oh, I go to the one on D Street.

The dialogue above is considered the friendly frame because the guy in the dialogue above is having a friendly conversation with the girl. Now again, there’s nothing wrong with this frame. In fact, you might even build some pretty good connections with the girl in this frame.

But the problem is, if you stay in this type of frame throughout your entire interaction with a woman, she will start to see you as only a friend.

In my “Get In Her Pants” system, I teach psychological jutsus that you can easily use to naturally get you into a sexual frame. This is the frame that will help you stay out of the friend zone and into the sex zone.

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Tobi Yang