I’m about to reveal to you a good conversation starter that has gotten me three girlfriends in the past who consistently bought me expensive cool outfits.

Yes, I know… this is great news for you!!! I’m excited for you as well.

Because first, you’ll learn about a conversation starter that you can use to chat up almost any girl you want. Second, this conversation starter can lead you to having a nice beautiful girlfriend where the two of you can bump uglies, night after night. Third, she’ll be compel to buy you cool clothing that’ll make you look like James Bond (note: this third part only works if she’s rich, has a job, or at least… has her dad’s credit card).

But before I show you how to start a conversation with a girl, I just want to let you know that you’re going to owe me big time for this little secret of mine… kidding!

All kidding aside, here it is… here’s how I’ve started conversations with girls that lead to three girlfriends and a wardrobe full of clothes that I’ve never spent a penny on.

Me: Hey…
Her: Yeah?
Me: I need a quick female opinion on something…
Her: Umm, sure.
Me: What type of shirt do you find most attractive on a guy… a t-shirt, polo, flannel, Henley, poet shirt, or dress shirt?
Her: Dress shirt because it makes you look more of a man and it shows that you got class.
Me: Wow, sounds like you have a Ph.D. in fashion. I’m totally hiring you as my new personal fashion consultant.
Her: haha sure.
Me: Come *grabs her hand* you and I are going shopping together.

This interaction took place at Wal-Mart in the men’s clothing department. Had no idea what she was doing in the men’s section, but if I had to guess, I say she came to check out my anaconda.

Anyways, after successfully using my conversation starter on her, we walked around looking at clothes together. But after hearing a few complaints from her, I took her number and set up a date to go shopping with her at a different store because according to her, the clothes at Wal-Mart suck!

We eventually started dating and she ended up buying me tons of cool outfits on a consistent basis.

How cool is that?

All of this happened because of my super cool conversation starter (I deserve a Nobel Prize for this). It works because one, women love giving their opinions and/or advices on things. Just go to Facebook, forums, or other social media sites and you’ll see women giving their opinions on just about every topic in existence. Two, women love shopping. Three, women love clothes and just about every women I’ve dated, have great taste in clothes.

So now you can follow in my footsteps and use what I’ve taught you today. Or if you prefer to learn more of my Nobel Prize winning secrets to getting in women’s pants, just simply click here.