Have you’ve ever done the same thing over and over and over again? Gets pretty boring doesn’t it?

Well, that’s the mistake most guys make when it comes to attracting women. They keep talking about the same topic over and over again, just because the woman seem pretty interested the first time they talked about it.

They continue to take women on the same type of date (dinner and a movie) over and over again.

Or they told her a joke she found really funny. Then keeps reminding her of that same joke over and over again until it gets to the point where she tells him to “stop it with the joke already, it’s getting annoying”.

Doing this will only spark one type of emotion and overtime, will lose its effect and spark no emotions at all. Which will result in a totally useless boner for guys.

Now sparking women’s emotion is the pathway to her heart, but you do not want to keep sparking the same emotion over and over again. That can lose its effectiveness over a period of time.

You Have To Be Able To
Spark A “Variety” Of Emotions

Sparking a variety of emotions within a woman is the key to attracting, connecting, and seducing women (or getting her to fall in love with you).

In fact, when a woman falls in love with a guy, it’s usually because the guy was able to spark a variety of emotions within the woman.

Emotions such as joy, happiness, anticipation, surprise, arousal, significance, chemistry, amusement, connection, trust, etc.

If you’ve ever asked women who are truly in love, they will usually tell you a number of reasons why they’re in love with their boyfriend/husband.

They’ll say things like “I love him because he knows how to make me laugh, I feel happy when I’m with him, I miss him when he’s not around, he makes me feel significant, knows how to turn me on, I trust him, have chemistry with him, I love it when he surprises me, etc.”

And if you’ve ever been in love with a girl, chances are good that she made you feel a variety of emotions as well.

So get out there and take her on a variety of emotional roller-coaster rides.

Learning to diversify things will put you in the fun zone. Failure to do so will put you in the boring zone (aka the no-sex zone).

Okay, that does it for part 2. Part 3 goes live tomorrow. Until then, comment below (even if it’s just to say “hi”) and let me know what you thought about this one.

Tobi Yang