I’ve got the “one” top-notched, classified, hush-hush, super smooth attraction secret for you that can sextuple your chances of getting a girl to like you. That’s one, o-n-e, 1, Uno secret that can single-handedly sextuple (times 6 it) your chances of becoming a super stud lady-killer. And I know it.

Nope, nothing about looks, fame, fortune, or putting roofies in women’s drinks. Not even close. You aren’t even close with your guesses.

You know what? You’ve been a good boy and I want to help. So I’m gonna reveal it to you for nothing. That one secret …that will sextuple your success rate with women.

This is absolutely the CORE factor of getting a girl to like you (Holy Grail).

I’ve discovered this secret a few years ago. After approaching thousands of women with the intent of getting them to pet my spitting cobra with their lovely pink lips (you know… the lips that goes ROAR when women open their legs).

So what is the Core Factor of Likability?

It’s simply this… SPARK EMOTIONS!!!

Yes my friend (we are friends now right?), if you want to attract, connect, and seduce beautiful women from around the world… you have to be able to SPARK. THEIR. EMOTIONS!

Let me tell you something… you will NOT get anywhere with a woman if you are not able to spark her emotions.

If you’ve had interactions with women that gotten nowhere, then this is the problem… you failed to spark her emotions. Go ahead and think back to all the interactions you’ve had with women that gotten nowhere, you’ll find this to be true.

And if you’ve ever wonder what type of guy women really want, it’s simply this: women want guys who knows how to spark their emotions.

Because the fact is, women date and sleep with guys based on emotions and justify with logic.

In other words, women will almost, always do what they ‘FEEL’ like doing. Women will always give her number or date a guy based on how that guy made her feel.

You can talk to a woman all day long, but if she doesn’t feel an intense feeling of deep affection towards you, your hotdog will never get to feel how good her bun is (and will soon enough turn into a cold shriveled-up-dog).

Therefore, you have to connect with women on an emotional level. You have to SPARK THEIR EMOTIONS!!!

Consider This…

Why is it that a nice guy can have good grades in school, wear nice clothing, great looks, have the world’s nicest personality …and still often lose a woman to the “bad boy” who’s a high school dropout, wear dirty clothes, bad attitude and hardly a cent to his name?

For so long it never made sense …until I discovered that the answer lies in EMOTION. The “bad boy” makes the woman feel something the nice guy can’t. He’s exciting, he’s dangerous and he connects with her on an emotional level. And no amount of benefits and qualifications our boring nice guy can bring to the table will make her feel differently.

Sure she might someday settle for him out of necessity – maybe even for a man with far fewer benefits to offer. But she’ll always have a place in her heart for that “bad boy” who makes her feelings run wild – and when she sees him, she won’t be able to look away. He’ll nearly always command her instant attention.

Now I’m not saying being a “bad boy” is the way to go. I’m just illustrating a point. What I’m pointing out is…

If you’ve ever wonder what type of guy women really want, it’s simply this:

Women Want Guys Who Know How To Spark Their Emotions. PERIOD!

Now that you’ve learned the core factor to getting a girl to like you, in the next part of this series (part 2), you’re going to be learning the core principles to getting a girl to like you.

You see, just because I’ve said you need to spark a woman’s emotions to get her to like you, doesn’t mean you can spark any emotions you want.

You need to spark the right emotions in the right sequence.

Sparking the wrong type of emotion in the wrong sequence can get you a slap in the face, a kick to the groin or a beat down from her big brother.

However, if you follow these 3 core principles …that will never happen. In fact, just the opposite will happen… a kiss on the face, a sucky-sucky on the groin and a “welcome to the family” from her big brother.

So keep your eye out for part 2. It goes live tomorrow. Until then, comment below and let me know what you thought about this one. Did you find it helpful? Was anything confusing? Do I need to emphasize something a little bit more? Do you have any questions?

And specifically, I want to hear about how you plan to spark a girl’s emotions. I mean, let’s brainstorm. Let’s have a cool little community here where we share ideas with one another. And I’ll see you in part 2.

Tobi Yang

P.S. Just remember this… Women may not remember what you’ve said or done, but they will always remember how you made them feel.