Alright!!! You’ve made it to the third and final principle of seduction. Which is also the last part of “Get Girls To Like You” mini-class.

Now you’re going to learn the third and final principle call Progression. Yep, it’s time you learn to progress things in a psychological order. The order that women usually go through before they become the guy’s girlfriend (or before they spread their legs wide open for a guy).

You see, the main reason why most guys end up in the friend zone is because they don’t know how to progress things towards an intimate relationship.

If a girl feels like their interaction with you is not getting anywhere, she will feel like she’s wasting her time and will stop interacting with you.

Therefore, it’s important you learn how to not only spark her emotions but learn how to spark her emotions in a psychological order. In a way that she feels her interaction with you is getting somewhere and not just a waste of time.

The Emotional Progression Model

So the first emotion you want to spark is attraction. Women will not want to continue interacting with you unless they feel some sort of attraction towards you.

I mean, come on… no one really wants to waste time interacting with someone they don’t like. Do you?

Not only that but if a woman does not feel attraction towards you, she will not want to get to know you. Women will only want to get to know you more if she’s first attracted to you.

Next emotion… connection. Once you’ve sparked attraction, women will be more open to connecting with you. This will be your opportunity to spark deep levels of connections with her.

Connection is the building block to intimacy; intimacy cannot be achieve without it. Get a woman to feel deeply connected to you and she will feel like you are the one for her (her soul mate) and her love towards you will start to grow.

Simply put, sparking a connection with a woman will “AMPLIFY” her attraction towards you.

Lastly, you’ll be sparking sexual arousal. Women either consciously or subconsciously have to see you as someone they’re willing to have sex with, before they’ll agree to go home with you, go on a date with you or consider you as boyfriend material.

This is also one of the main reasons why most guys end up in the friend-zone. It’s because they failed to sexually arouse the women. The friend zone (for most guys) is simply the NO SEX ZONE!!!

So if you are not able to sexually arouse women, chances are good that they will only see you as just a friend or worse… they may never want to see you again.

As you can see, when you go through the emotional progression model… you will be able to get a girl attracted to you, connected to you, and want to want to bang the bejesus out of you.

So now, we’re nearing the end of the “Get Girls To Like You” Mini-Class. You’ve been given the core factor of likability and the 3 principles of seduction in the past few days. And now, you may come to realize that…

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Ok, this is officially the end of the “Get Girls To Like You” Mini-Class. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and more importantly, I hope you put these principles of seduction to use. And remember… the journey doesn’t have to end here. Get your hands on my Stealth Seduction System and let’s start getting more beautiful women into your bed.

Wishing you lots of delicious pink tacos,

Tobi Yang