If you want to learn how to get women into bed fast, then you have to make her feel comfortable first. You have to get her to trust that you will keep her reputation safe if she sleeps with you.

That’s one of the main reasons why some women avoid getting into bed with guys on the first interaction or first date… it’s because they don’t trust him yet. So they tend to make him wait for sex until he proves himself to be trustworthy and not be the type of guy that goes around telling everyone about all the women he’s slept with.

So how can you demonstrate to women that you are trustworthy?

One way you can demonstrate it, is by deleting the following words from your vocabulary… hooker, prostitute, skank, whore, slut, or any words similar to them.

Because if women hear you use these words, they’ll assume you’ll one day use it on them. Therefore, seeing you as a guy who can ruin their reputation if they go to bed with you.

Another way is to…

Stop Being A Judgmental Bastard

What I mean by this is, stop talking to a woman about other women being sluts.

I see guys do this all the time (even some of my friends do this)… they would talk to a girl and start telling her stories of how most women are sluts, how women would sleep with this guy and that guy, or how they would dress so slutty and so on…

They tell girls this thinking they’re Mr. Cool then wonders why the girl they’re conversing with, never wants to sleep with them.

If you tell a girl how other girls are slutty, of course she may probably agree with you but you’ll also be lowering your chances of getting her into bed because in the back of her mind, she’ll be thinking “if I sleep with this guy, he’ll probably go around telling everyone that I’m a slut or a whore. Or talking smack behind my back and ruining my reputation.”

So if you want to be able to get a woman into bed fast (especially on the first interaction or first date), you need to stop telling a girl why other girls are sluts and stop using the word slut, whore, prostitute, and hoe altogether.

Instead, you should demonstrate to women that you are nonjudgmental. Demonstrate to her that you are not the type of guy that goes around and tell everyone how slutty women are.

Note that I mentioned “demonstrate” and not “convince”. Trying to convince girls usually do not work because they’ll think you’re just trying to deceive them.

In my “Get In Her Pants” system, I revealed some of the most effective ways you can do to demonstrate to women that you are nonjudgmental and secretive. Being able to demonstrate this will definitely get more women to feel comfortable sleeping with you fast.

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