Remember watching a TV show that got you really, really into it and right when it got to the really, really interesting part, these mind-numbing words popped up on the screen: “TO BE CONTINUED…” and left you in suspense?

Even worse… now you have to wait a week before the next episode comes out (this is torture).

Well, being the evil genius that I am (ok, I’m not really a genius, just evil), I was able to adopt and apply this evil tactic (aka The Zeigarnik Effect) on women.

For this evil tactic to work, you need to have great timing (don’t worry, unlike boxing, it doesn’t take years of practice to get the timing right). You just need to end the interaction at the right time. When’s the right time?

Right in the middle of a moment when she’s having fun and laughing her butt off. Here’s an example:

Her: hahahahaha that’s hilarious!!! I think I’m on cloud nine now.
Me: Glad you’re having fun but hey, I gotta go now.
Her: WHAAAAAT??? NOOOOOOO!!! You can’t leave yet, we’re having so much fun right now.

So cruel …but it works!!! It leaves her wanting more (more of you of course).

However, if you’re a nice guy and would never consider doing such a cruel thing to a woman, you might want to reconsider… because if you end the interaction when it gets boring, her last impression of you will be something like this: “he got pretty damn boring towards the end, not sure if I want to see him again.”

Yes, I know no one’s ever told you this before, but the last impression a woman has of you matters (probably just as much, if not more than the first impression).

Idiot Alert: only use this evil tactic after you’ve gotten her number, or you may never get a chance to see her again (well… unless, she happens to be a professional stalker and finds you on Facebook).

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