So you’ve met this girl who in your eyes, is the most beautiful girl in the world. You’ve literally fell head over heels in love with her the first time you lay eyes on her.

Except, there is one problem…

She doesn’t seem to like you the way you like her. So how do you do it? How do you make a girl fall in love with you?

Well, I have good news for you. The good news is simply this… love is a process. It is something you can actually create.

So in this article I’m going to reveal a powerful secret you can use to make a girl fall in love with you. In fact, I’m going to reveal it to you right now…


Here’s a simple fact… women like men who are similar to them. So to create chemistry with a woman or to get a girl to feel that intense feeling of deep affection towards you, all you have to do is demonstrate to her that the two of you are similar.

Simply put, when a girl finds a guy who is similar to her… that is when magic happens! That is when love sparks! Because a guy, who is similar to her, is a guy who she can really connect with. And a guy who she can really connect with, is a guy who she will start having intense feelings of love towards.

Now there are a lot of areas you can demonstrate or convey similarities in but here are a few areas I’ve used successfully:

  • Similar Hobbies
  • Similar Personalities
  • Similar Habits
  • Similar Beliefs
  • Similar Properties/Belongings
  • Similar Likes & Dislikes
  • Similar Experiences
  • Similar Use Of Words, Phrases Or Similar Way Of Talking

These are areas you can use to convey similarity and get her thinking to herself:

“Oh my god, he understands me so well!” Or “Oh my god, he is just like me!” Or “Oh my god, I think I found my soul-mate!”

However, you cannot create a connection with a woman just by saying something like “You like tennis? Oh my god, I like tennis! You like Korean dramas? I love Korean dramas!” It will not create any connection at all. And she may even think you’re lying.

So how does she know you’re being genuine and telling the truth?

By demonstrating it!

For example, if she likes tennis and you happened to like tennis as well, you can demonstrate it by sharing exciting tennis stories, talk about funny or embarrassing moments you had while playing tennis, share tips and techniques to improve each others skills, etc.

Heck, you can even setup dates to play tennis together (also a perfect time to get her number). And voila!!! You’ve just connected with her, got her number and setup a date with her.

How cool is that?

It’s pretty cool, I know.

But as cool as this is, there’s still a lot more to learn from this particular weapon. In Weapons of Stealth Seduction, I’m going to dig much deeper into the weapon of stealth connection (aka the love formula).

I’m going to show you the complete secret weapon that can get a girl to fall in love with you in just 45 minutes or less

So screw all those other scientists/psychologists who said it takes months to develop love. They obviously don’t know how to escalate the process of love as quickly as the architecture of Stealth Seduction System.

And I know we’re getting pretty close to the day that Weapons of Stealth Seduction goes live. So let’s talk about Weapons of Stealth Seduction for a minute.

By the way, before we continue… in order to save digital space and 3 seconds of reading time, from this point on I will be referring Weapons Of Stealth Seduction as WOSS. No, not WUSS. Don’t insult my system like that, not cool.

Essentially, there are 3 principles of seduction. You should already know these 3 principles since only Stealth Seduction System owners have access to this page.

And these principles are what really sets WOSS apart from other systems. You see, I’ve incorporated these principles into WOSS because these are the guiding principles of all seduction.

I’ve also incorporated the 4 core, guiding elements of seduction into WOSS. You should also have learned these elements by now.

With all of that in mind, what WOSS really is, is an arsenal of psychological weapons that you can deploy from opening a girl to closing her. And not just that, I’ll also be personally answering any questions you may have after each lesson.

And because of this, it does have very limited enrollment. That’s simply because I can’t take that many students or else I won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions.

Now if you want to jump to the head of the line and I urge you to check your email around this time tomorrow. Don’t know what time exactly, I’ll email it to you whenever I’m out of my lazy mode but I definitely will send it to you tomorrow.

However, you should know that as of right now I have about 2,000 people on my list and I cannot even take 10 percent of these people into the class because like I said, I can’t really help or answer all 2,000 people’s questions at the same time. So I have to limit the enrollment.

Also, before WOSS goes live, I will be giving you access to the entire sales letter so you can read exactly what the system has and exactly how it’s going to work, and exactly what we’re going to do together.

So you will be able to make an educated decision. I don’t want you to have to feel rushed or pressured or anything like that. So you will be able to read it, you’ll be able to make up your mind and then when it’s open you can go ahead and just enroll.

But for now… test what you’ve learned today. Do it now! Don’t wait for the class. Go ahead and start deploying this stuff. And let me know your results.

I’ve already gotten tons of great feedback from people who deployed some of this stuff from the first 2 parts of this series and they had some great success in approaching and attracting women.

It’s just wonderful news to hear. So I want to hear stories like that from you too. So go ahead and put this stuff to work and let me know how you do.

That’s about it for now, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Tobi Yang