Want to be extremely good with women? Want to learn how to make a girl obsess over you? Then you have to learn how to piss her off, make her jealous, make her go crazy, get her to miss you, make her cry, and much, much more!

Yes, sounds pretty evil, I know. But have you ever seen a guy who breaks a girl’s heart over and over again? And all her friends are telling her to “leave that damn jerk!”

And yet, she’s still with him 5 years later.

Crazy isn’t it?

Yes, it’s so crazy most guys freaked out when I tell them to do evil things like this to women. They’ll ask me “You want me to be this mean to women? Will this really work? Are you sure about this?”

I would tell them to…

Stop Being Such A Nice Guy (AKA Pansy)

This is the reason why nice guys finish last. It’s because nice guys do not have the balls to spark negative emotions in a woman.

However, before you close this window and tell yourself “this guy is crazy and doesn’t know what he’s talking about” let me finish… I’m not suggesting you spark negative emotions only. What I am suggesting is… you spark both positive and negative emotions. And you have to learn to balance the two.

Just think about this: Good movies always have both negative and positive things happening, throughout the entire movie.

I mean, can you imagine how the movie Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Incredible Hulk, and Avengers would be like if there’s no bad guys (villains) in these movies?

I can tell you this… it would be a bunch of boring movies. And you would be just a boring nice guy if you never bring out the bad boy inside of you.

Movies need bad guys (villains) to spark negative emotions and it needs good guys (heroes) to spark positive emotions (balancing it out).

In other words, movies need to have both positive and negative things happening for it to be interesting (entertaining).

Same with women!

If you want to be successful with women…

You Have To Be Able To Spark A Variety Of Both Positive And Negative Emotions

You have to be a jerk at times to spark negative emotions and you have to be a nice guy at times to spark positive emotions.

Speaking of jerks… here’s what they don’t tell you about the jerks who are successful with women…

Jerks that are successful with women are not always a jerk. They are only a jerk about 50% of the time.

In other words, you will not be successful with women if you are always a jerk. Always being a jerk is like having a bad guy (villain) in a movie causing havoc throughout the entire movie with no good guy (hero) to stop him.

This is why you should balance it out by sparking a variety of both good and bad emotions, alternating them back and forth.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t catch it yet… the second principle of attracting women is “balance”.