If you want to learn how to make a girl want you without good looks, wealth or fame, then you’re in for a treat. I’m about to reveal to you a simple three-step formula to making girls want you.

I discovered this formula by watching those 20 to 100 episodes of Korean Drama TV series (yes, I used to be a Korean drama freak back in my lonely days).

Each of these episodes always ends in a way that makes you want to watch more. And it usually ends right at the part where it starts to get really, really interesting.

Then, they usually make you wait about a week before you get to watch the next episode (this is torture). But they do this to get you hooked and to make you want more.

So I told myself “this would be awesome if I can create the same effect on women.”

This got me thinking about it for a few days. Then, all of a sudden, I actually came up with some pretty cool (and cruel) ways to apply this to women and get them to WANT me.

Here’s how I did it…

Step One: Spark Her Emotions!

The first step is to spark her emotions. Spark positive emotions that make her feel good. You can do this by getting her to laugh and having a good time with you.

Sparking the right set of emotions is highly important because by the end of the day, she may not remember what you’ve said or done but she will always remember how you made her feel. If you’ve made her feel good emotions, she will seek every opportunity to see you again to reconstitute the same good feelings.

Good emotions are addicting.

Step Two: Leave Her Wanting More

Timing is everything in this step. What you’re going to do in this step is, be the one to end the interaction. But you must end the interaction at the right time, because if you end it at the wrong time she’ll be glad you ended it (and may even be glad that you’re leaving).

So how do you know when it’s the right time to end an interaction? Simple, you just end it at a high point (when she’s laughing and having fun).

Ending the interaction when she’s laughing and having fun… will leave her wanting more. Here’s an example:

Her: hahahahaha that’s hilarious!!! I think I’m on cloud nine now.

Me: That’s awesome but hey, I gotta go now.

Her: WHAAAAAT??? NOOOOOOO!!! You can’t leave yet, we’re having so much fun right now.

That’s exactly what Korean dramas do… right when it gets to the exciting part… they end the episode and leave you wanting more. So cruel …but it works!

Note: Don’t be like most guys who would talk and talk and talk until the girl is bored out of her mind, then decides to end the interaction. You will NOT leave her wanting more if you end the interaction at a time when you’ve already bored the crap out of her.

Step Three: Vanish

Go missing in action to the point where she starts to miss you. Getting a girl to miss you is the key to getting her to want you. If you’re always available to her, then she will never be able to miss you. If she never misses you then she will never want you.

In other words, there’s no need to “want” something if you already have it or if it’s always available to you.

So when you go “missing in action” …do not call her, do not text her and do not visit her. Also, do not pick up her calls or reply to her texts.

Once she starts to miss you… she will also start to go crazy over you and want you more (women have literally called and text me 3am in the morning, telling me they can’t sleep until I reply or talk to them).

However, in order for this step to work effectively, you need to implement steps one and two effectively (especially step one).

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But there you have it, now you know how to make a girl want you. So go out there and apply what you learn.

Tobi Yang

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