When I first started talking to girls, my conversations with them was always so logical. I was always talking to girl in a logical manner and giving them logical responses.

The problem with having logical conversations is that it gets boring… really fast! When the conversation gets boring, women tend to lose interest in you and make an excuse to leave.

And just so you know how a logical conversation looks like here’s an example of a logical conversation I usually have with girls in the past:

Me: What’s your name?
Her: Joana, and you?
Me: I’m Tobi. Where are you from?
Her: San Francisco, where are you from?
Me: I’m from Sacramento.
Her: Oh that’s cool, what do you do for fun in Sacramento?
Me: I go bowling, miniature golfing, and sometimes clubbing. What do you do for fun?
Her: Oh you know girls, we love to shop.

I don’t know if you noticed but the above conversation is pretty boring. It’s too logical and logical conversations spark no emotions at all. It usually bores the crap out of women.

So when I’ve learned that I was being too logical (too boring), I started to learn how to be illogical (humorous).

Amazingly, I’ve learned it pretty quick.

I started having totally illogical conversations with women. I’ll be joking and making her laugh throughout the entire conversation. My interactions with women were actually a lot more exciting and fun.

As a matter of fact, here’s an example of how my illogical conversations went:

Her: What’s your name?
Me: It’s Bond… James Bond!
Her: hahaha really funny Mr. 007.
Me: Now what is your name… miss sexy-looking?
Her: Jessica.
Me: Not your real name, I meant your sexy stripper name.
Her: haha I don’t have one.
Me: Fine then, where are you from misses no name?
Her: I’m from Oroville. How about you?
Me: Well, my mommy says I’m from heaven but I’m really from paradise. Want to stay in paradise with me?

Unfortunately, as funny as that conversation may sound… when it came to getting her number, she felt a little uncomfortable giving it to me. In fact, she actually told me straight up “I don’t know. Not to be offensive but you’re kind of weird.” Ouch!!!

I’ve totally learned my lesson after that interaction (LOL). But there I was… back to being frustrated with women again.

So I’ve decided to give it a break and try to improve other areas. I started looking into bodybuilding (hey, I was an out of shape fatty back then, so I wanted to build some muscles so I can attract the ladies ;-)).

But, when I was learning how to build muscles (the fast and natural way), I learned about a principle that was quite interesting. It was about balance, and that’s when it hit me! It gave me…

The Big AH-HA Moment

That’s when I figured that I needed to balance out being logical and illogical. Because when I was always logical, I bored the crap out of women. When I was always illogical, women think I’m weird.

But when I learned to balance the two, women thought of me as an interesting guy and was more likely to give me their numbers, as well as going on dates with me.

Talking logically, lets women know that you’re a normal human being (and not some weirdo). Talking illogically, sparks women’s emotions and spices up the interaction. But that only happens when you learn to balance the two (otherwise, you’ll just be a boring son of a gun or a complete weirdo).

So learning to balance things out is one of my keys to success with women. Whenever I have interactions with women that goes south, it’s usually because I failed to balance things out.

So there you have it… the power of balance!

Now I do want to let you know there are 4 important elements you need to balance out (logical and illogical, being one of them). You can learn all 4 elements in my new seduction system titled “How To Turn Complete Female Strangers Into Lovey-Dovey Bed Buddies …Night After Night!”.

These are elements even pickup artists aren’t balancing out. So put yourself ahead of the game and learn it today!