Is there a girl you really like but you don’t know how to tell if she likes you or not? Do you want to make a move on her, ask for her number or ask her out on a date but you want to make sure she likes you first to avoid rejection?

Well, you’re in luck buddy. I’m about to reveal to you some of the surest signs women display when they like a guy. This way, you’ll finally be able to learn how to know if a girl likes you or not.

Now although there are probably hundreds of ways to tell if a woman likes you or not, I’m only going to reveal to you six (I’m sure you won’t be able to remember all one hundred of them anyways. So let’s just stick with six for now ;)).

With that said, if she demonstrates one or more of the six signs below, there’s a good chance she likes you…

  1. She’s very talkative – when a girl likes you, she will be very talkative when interacting with you and will talk to you about anything (even if it’s about the boring weather). However, if she really likes you, she will be more interested in talking about you and will ask you personal questions such as your name, age, location, weight, height, favorite sex position, etc.

    And if for some strange reason your mind goes blank and don’t know what to say, she will re-initiate the conversation to avoid any awkward silences.

    Yes, she will instantly (and magically) turn into a professional conversationalist if she likes you.

  2. She laughs at your jokes (even when they’re not funny) – Let’s face it, when you like someone, everything they say or do seems so cute and funny.

    You can tell her you wear black underwear and she’ll be laughing her butt off as if it’s the funniest joke in the world (ok, I’m over exaggerating here but you get the point).

    However, the opposite is also true… if you hate someone, everything they say or do, will annoy the crap out of you. Even if they’ve said something funny, you will not laugh. Heck, you might even tell yourself “now that was funny, but I do not like this person; therefore, I shall not laugh.”

  3. Very Agreeable – She’ll agree to almost everything you say and pretends to like everything you like.

    You can tell her you like playing in the dirt and she’ll immediately say “hey, I love playing in the dirt. I even lick it sometimes.”

  4. Very Comfortable With Your Touch – Hey, it feels good when you come into physical contact with someone you like.

    Therefore, girls that like you will not mind any of your incidental touches at all. You can incidentally brush your arm against her boobs and she would not flinch a muscle. She’ll just stand there like nothing happen while enjoying your touch.

    However, if a girl does not like you, she will instantly flinch even if you barely touch her arm. Heck, even if you try to incidentally brush your body against her as you walk pass, you will miss… because she will dodge it like a ninja.

    I also want to point out that it definitely does not feel good when you come into physical contact with someone you hate. In fact, it feels disgusting (unless it’s your fist coming into contact with their face *sarcasm*).

    Side note: I do not hate anyone, nor I know how it feels to punch someone I hate in the face. I just figured it would feel good because it seems like it in the movies.

  5. She’s willing to walk around with you or follow you around the venue – Umm… that’s all I have to say about this one. So you’re just gonna have to trust me on this. 🙂
  6. She’s willing to have a sexual conversation with you – Girls generally do not feel comfortable having sexual conversations with guys unless they like them.

    So if she’s openly having a sexual conversation with you, there’s a very good chance she likes you (and a very good chance she wants to get in your pants).

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Tobi Yang