Most men are pansies when it comes to wooing the ladies! They will agree to anything that comes out of a girl’s mouth (especially on the initial interaction).

If a girl think polka is awesome, the guy will immediately agree and say “You like polka? Oh my god, I like polka!”

If she think Mozart’s 5th Symphony is the best music in the world, he’ll immediately follow up with an obvious lie “Oh my god, I listen to Mozart every single day. It’s my favorite type of music.”

If she likes getting it doggy style, without thinking about it, he’ll immediately respond with “Oh my god, I like getting it doggy style too!”

Guys like that are a bunch of pansies! And chicks don’t go for pansies. Are you a pansy?

If you are a pansy, then now would be a good time to man up and learn how to tell the truth… Learn to tell women what you really think of their taste.

Even if it means getting into an argument with her!

Surprisingly, women love drama. As a matter of fact, if you don’t give her the drama she craves, you’ll probably bore her to death by being the nice guy (pansy) that you are.

Drama can ignite romantic sparks. In fact, studies showed that arguing once a week could be the secret to a long and healthy relationship.

So stop being a pansy and tell her what you really think…

If she says she likes Britney Spears, reply with “Are you serious? She totally sucks! Even my parrot can sing better.”

If she likes golf and you happen to hate golf, tell her what you really think of it “Golf is absolutely the most boring game ever invented. Not to mention all the wasted acres of land it takes up in this country.”

If she likes it doggy style… well… this is something you may not want to disagree with. So go ahead and give it to her doggy style.

After all, an argument here and there is good for a relationship. But an argument all the time is not so good. Therefore, you should also learn to balance things out.

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