Most guys think if they shower a girl with gifts, take her out to fancy restaurants, help her out with whatever problem she haves, or do whatever she wants… the girl will love him forever.

But the truth is, they’re doing it all backwards.

Investing your time, money and energy on a woman will not get her to love you more. The only thing investing in a girl will accomplish is… getting yourself to love the girl more.

Now why is this?

This is because investment builds attraction. We all become attracted to the things we invest our time, money and energy in. We also tend to care less about the things we rarely invest in.

For example… let’s say you have 2 cars that are exactly the same… same model, same make, and same year.

On one of the car, you decided to buy all sorts of things for it such as body kit, rims, new paint job, you even hooked it up by making it more powerful and running faster by purchasing exhaust, header, upgraded the engine, etc.

You basically spent time, energy, and a small fortune on it. Now tell me… Which car are you going to be more attracted to…

  • The car you’ve spent your time, money and effort hooking up? Or…

  • The car you never touch?

Obviously, it’s the car you’ve invested in.

So it would make no sense to think that a girl will love you more if you invest your time, money and energy on her. This is where most guys got it all wrong because what you need to do is GET HER TO INVEST IN YOU instead of you investing in her.

After knowing the power of getting someone to invest in you, I’ve started applying this on every woman I’ve been with and the results have been simply amazing!

In fact, the women I’ve been with always say something like this to me…

“I will kill you if you ever cheat on me or leave me because I’ve done so much for you already.”

They say this to me because I got them to invest so much in me that it would be a big loss to them if they were to ever lose me. So if you’re one of those guys that always invest your time, money and energy on a girl then you need to cool it down a little and get her to start investing in you as well.

Because if she’s not investing in you, then her attraction towards you will start to diminish and once they feel no more attraction towards you, they will start to wonder elsewhere.

So if you don’t want this to happen and if you want to create lasting attraction with the women of your dreams then you have to make sure she’s investing in you as well. This is one of the key factors to a lasting relationship.

Tobi Yang

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