The Nice Guy

What more can a woman want from you? You feign interest in watching all her favorite chick flick movies with her, massage her when she’s sore and exhausted from work, listened to all the drama she spewed at you about her crazy ex-boyfriends (who were all jerks) – you even went out your way to beat up one of her ex-boyfriends because she just found out he cheated on her 5 years ago.

You are everything a girl could ever want from a boyfriend, and yet, she only see you as… just a friend.

What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Well, you know the saying… “nice guys finish last”. It’s a guy’s favorite thing to say to another guy who just got rejected, dumped, or cheated on. Heck, this quote is so damn cool there’s even a song about it (I totally dig the song by the way).

But you’re a smart guy and you’ve studied Albert Einstein your whole life. He specifically said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.

Knowing that, you’ve decided to try a different approach…

The Jerk

Okay so the nice guy approach did not work out so well, and you’re not insane so you’ve decided to try a different approach… an approach known as the jerk.

This time when she told you to watch another chick flick with her, you told her those are the stupidest movies ever and the people who created it should all jump into a pool of acid and die a horrible death.

You also told her to shut the hell up about her crazy ex-boyfriends, because you don’t give a pig’s ass about them. And to top it off, you told her she will never get a massage from you ever again because seriously, it’s her problem if she gets sore from work. Who told her to go to work anyways?

After telling her all of that, you’ve felt like a complete bad-ass because you’ve followed every single rule in the book and executed the jerk persona perfectly!

Unfortunately, she told you to f–k off and never wanted to see you again.

What The Hell Happened?

The nice guy approach got you in the friend zone and the jerk approach got you, well, it got you kicked out of her life for good. This is not going well at all. What should you do now?

Well, it’s time to listen to Mr. Einstein again and try a different approach (after all, he is the smartest guy of all time). So what approach should you attempt next? How about attempting to be both a jerk and a nice guy at the same time?

Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Let’s mix these two suckers up!

The Nice Guy & The Jerk

Alright, so this time you went out and approach a new girl (you didn’t go back to the same girl because she already kicked you out of her life and put a restraining order on you).

But you smoothly used the nice guy approach to get you from the stranger-zone, to the friend-zone with the new girl (nicely done). You then smoothly mixed in the jerk persona (without taking the jerk persona to the extreme this time) to get into her pants. By golly, you’ve finally hit the jackpot this time. And she’s not even your girlfriend yet.


You’ve also realized that everyone was wrong! Because some thought the nice guy approach was the way to go, and most thought the jerk approach is the one that gets women.

But you now know that in order to be successful with women, you need to have a mixture of both a nice guy and a jerk. You know this because you’ve listened to Mr. Einstein and kept on trying a different approach until you found one that works.

So congratulations! You are now ready to take your game to the next level and become a “World Class Seducer”.