My whole life I wanted to become a womanizer, a player, a pick up artist, seducer, etc. I wanted to run perfect game in each interaction I had with women and I wanted each interaction with women to go “smoothly”.

I wanted to have the perfect line to say every time I approach women, and have the perfect response to every question, rejection, objection, or shit test women threw at me.

Guess what?

I actually achieved it (sort of). Not only that, but women started giving me compliments like these:

  • “You’re so smooth with your words”
  • “haha you’re so slick”
  • “hahaha you got game boy, I like it.”

As awesome as these compliments sound… I was NOT getting the results I wanted because I rarely gotten with any of the girls that gave me these types of compliments. This frustrated the hell out of me.

I mean I was confused!!!

Women told me I’m smooth, slick, funny and told me I got game. However, I rarely got to sleep with any of these girls.

That was until I’ve interacted with this one girl who told me something that made me realize what I was doing wrong. Here’s what she said:

Her: Haha why you messing with me when I know you have plenty of awesome sexy girlfriends already.
Me: Haaa! Now, why would you assume that?
Her: Someone as smooth as you can get the ladies pretty easy hahaha.

I didn’t get to sleep with her neither but here’s the lesson I’ve learned…

Don’t be Mr. Smooth and don’t try to run perfect game, or women will see you as a player (pick up artist). This was when I’ve realized I’ve gotten to the point where “I’m too good for my own good” and women started seeing me as a player.

In other words, I was over gaming.

I seemed to have the perfect line to say to every woman I interact with and have the perfect response to every question or congruence test women threw at me.

I would talk to women, get them laughing and entertain them for hours but most of those interactions lead nowhere. At the end of the night, women would simply say something like this to me:

“Thanks for entertaining me tonight. I had fun but gotta go now.”

And I never saw them again.

So if a woman tells you that “you got game” or “you’re pretty smooth with your words”… it could mean that you need tone down your smoothness or she may start see you as a player and may not want to get in a relationship with you.

Learn from my mistakes,

Tobi Yang

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